CX CliffsNote 4: The Most Common Reasons Customer Experience Programs Fail

Many CX projects start out as strategic initiatives but can often lose their impact on the organization over time.


Most CX programs ‘break’ due to
(1) overemphasis on data analysis less on innovating on the back of the data.
(2) Measurement of CX success on a stand alone basis and not linking it to business outcomes. The article concedes that NPS may be a good last resort if the organization does not have the sophistication to measure outcomes as Customer Life Time Value, Customer Churn rates.
(3) Bad CX program leadership can stall progress of the CX initiative, which often is associated to lack of program ownership, resources or empowerment as well as a gap in understanding of the business that is to be reformed.
In isn’t shared in the article what the findings are based on and if they are based on empirical research or on the experiences by authors.

Article by Ryan Smith | Luke Williams Dec 28th 2016. The full article published here

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