CXQuest for Sanur

Below are quick links to all the CXQuest services that are currently activated at Sanur. For any support matters, please send us an email at or get in touch with us through the chat window below.


Access the Enterprise System to manage Guest Feedbac

Upload Invites

Upload guest invitations for Prama Sanur Beach Hotel/In Stay Feedback

New: upload feedback invitations.

You can now upload feedback invitations for in stay feedback. Please follow the instructions below. If you have questions, please feel free to get in touch with our support through the chat window below. See the video below for a detailed video instruction.

1. Use your normal FIT Email Database file.

We have built the interface based on your file format. We are using this file format here as the basis. Please make sure that you are following FeedbackInvites

2. Fill out the Fields

Every file needs to at least have emails addresses and the names of the guests filled out. The system will use these and will send emails to the customers as per the interface settings.

3. Save the file as a CSV file

CSV files are common file formats for interfaces. They are ‘easier to read’ for systems. Please save your file as a CSV file by going in your excel program to ‘File’/’Save As…’,

then select the file format ‘Comma Seperated Values (.csv). You can save it under any file name, but we suggest you e.g. use the date as a file name so that you know what you had uploaded.  Keep in mind, when saving an excel file as CSV, you will only be saving the active sheet. e.g. if you are saving the records for the sheet ’29th of April’ the csv file will only contain those records. You need to save a new file for each day.

4. Upload File

Drop the file containing the correct guest details in the file drop here. Simply drag and drop the file into the folder called ‘Files’. It is important that you don’t drop the files in any other folders but the ‘Files’ folder. Here is how you see that you are in the correct folder.

5. System sends out invitations

Now CXQuest will pick up the file and will schedule the invitations to be sent out. CXQuest sends out invitations once per day and will read all files that have been dropped in the folder before 2pm Indonesia time.

You can see the that the file has been processed by the system if the file extension has been changed to ‘.done’

If you want to see how your interface has been set up (file drop location, access credentials, sending time etc), login to the CXQuest enterprise dashboard and navigate to properties/invitation channels, select ‘Email’.