Donate With Your Opinion

About OpinionAid™

OpinionAid™ is a special reward type that allows you to leverage your CSR efforts to drive more feedback from customers.

1. How it works:

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2. Benefits of Using OpinionAid™
Using OpinionAid™ has some great benefits:

1. Depending on the consumer demographics you addressing, offering to ‘do good’ is often powerful motivator than offering a
2. Some merchants/brands don’t control their point of sales. OpinionAid does not require any specific reward redemption
3. The percentage of customers sharing or tweeting about the gesture you are making with OpinionAid is much higher than if you are offering a promotion. This gets out a positive word for you in an inexpensive manner.
4. You are supporting a good cause.

3. Charities that support OpinionAid
We can work with your charity of choice and contact them to get them represented on the CXQuest platform. Typically this doesn’t take
more than 2 weeks. To suggest a charity to us, please contact us at Some charities are already well familiar
with CXQuest and if you are looking for a quick and easy way to start with OpinionAid we recommend starting with a small donation
for these charitable organizations.