CXQuest is a software platform that helps businesses develop speed and attentiveness in their communication with customers to reduce customer churn and increase referrals.

How it works

CXQuest is a web based software solution that invites your customers to give feedback through any channel of communication they prefer to use. We have put strong emphasis on making the feedback submission process extremely easy and hassle free for the customer. Once the feedback is collected, the software intelligently dissects the meaning of the feedback that the customer gave and starts taking all sorts of action that is directed at making your business aware of the issue at hand and keeping the customer happy.

Why it’s unique

The CXQuest platform is equipped with state of the art artificial intelligence technology that helps businesses accurately derive the right meaning from the customer feedback. The system can e.g. detect from text messages if the customer is distressed or if there is immanent risk of the customer posting the experience on the internet. CXQuest can also process other complex ‘cognitive’ tasks such as convert speech to text or process hand written comment cards.