CX CliffsNote 4: The Most Common Reasons Customer Experience Programs Fail

Many CX projects start out as strategic initiatives but can often lose their impact on the organization over time.   Most CX programs ‘break’ due to (1) overemphasis on data analysis less on innovating on the back of the data. (2) Measurement of CX success on a stand alone basis and not linking it to […]

CX CliffsNote 3: McKinsey – Cheaper, simpler, better for customers: Outsourcing without trade-offs

Interview by McKinsey and Vodafone Spain: Cheaper, simpler, better for customers: Outsourcing without trade-offs. Interview with Vodafone Spain’s Carmen López-Suevos Hernández. The interview discusses how Carmen López-Suevos Hernández revamped Vodafone Spain’s approach to outsourcing and improved customer experience while reducing costs. Vodafone’s customer experience approach was rigorously focused on cost efficiency. The company ranked last among […]

CX CliffsNote 2: Big Banks Overtaking Mid-Size/Regional Banks by Investing in Technology

JD Power surveyed 75,000 retail banking customers and the results are worth reading. Big banks have significantly improved in overall customer satisfaction, while midsize banks have declined and Regional banks have plateaued. Satisfaction is driven by a combination of improved digital offerings, more engaged personal interactions and stronger connections with millenials, a generation that constitutes the […]

CX CliffsNote 1: Your Customers Are Less Satisfied Than You Think

Found this article interesting; the key points are below. Companies often emphasize refining points of interaction with their customers, such as improving phone call quality. But focusing on only those interactions can create a distorted picture wherein customers appear happier than they are. What reduces satisfaction is something few companies manage—cumulative experiences across multiple touchpoints and […]