One indicator that shows how advanced a company is in terms of its customer experience maturity is the types of data they use to run their customer experience analysis. Traditionally, companies start with surveys and gradually open up to other data sources such as machine data analyzing the natural conversation they have with customers.

We asked:

What is your primary source of data that you base your customer experience analysis on?

Response Options

  • Surveys
    Survey responses to invitations that were sent out to customers directly or through a market research firm or consultancy.
  • Conversational
    You are mostly analyzing the communication flow between you and your customers using text analysis (email, call recordings, chats)
  • System Data
    You are tracking what customers do by analyzing their data trail (e.g. you track their web behavior based on cookies, you monitor their interaction on your app)
  • Online Data
    You analyze what people write about your business on online review sites such as Yelp, Tripadvisor or twitter.

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