CXQuest Update Notes May 30th, 2015

An upgrade was made on May 30th 2015 with the following changes:

1. Enhanced filter in card view
2. Open/Closed status for engagements
3. Avatars from online review sites
4. Dashboard page moved
5. Merging of New Feedback/New Tag notifications
6. Sending manual feedback invitation to multiple recipients
7. Minor UI Changes
8. Bug Fixes

How do you like this update? Anything you would like to see us implement? Please share it with us.


Here is a quick video about the updates we’ve made…



1. Enhanced filter in card view

We have enhanced the filter to allow for a more granular search. This includes the following improvements:

– For pull-down boxes you can now search for multiple choices. E.g. all but one asset.
– Date Range selections are simplified now by introducing commonly used date ranges as selection options.
– Search by Open/Close Status
– Filter by rating scale
– Search using free text search, which covers the text corpus of the engagement, additional identifiers (room no, Customer ID, etc) or the reviewer name



2. Open/Closed Status for Engagements

We have introduced a simple status field for customer engagements, which currently has 2 stages, ‘Open’ and ‘Close’.

All new incoming records will first be marked as Open. A change to Close status will occur if the user clicks on the Open button on the card view or from within the feedback details page.

The effect of opening or closing the status are:
– All closed records will be ‘dimmed’ so that users can quickly spot and focus the more important, open records.
– Replies are not possible with closed engagements. Simply re-open to reply.
– If a Customer sends a SMS to SMS Collection channel, the system will check if there is still an open engagement. If so, it will add that incoming SMS into the last open thread as a customer reply. If the engagement is closed, it will create a new engagement.

If you are currently using tags that signal the completion of follow up







3. Avatars from online review sites

We are now also looking up the user avatars from review sites where such images are made available to us such from tripadvisor or yelp.

sarahg Please note that we are only collecting avatars from users for all new online reviews and that we will not be fetching avatars retrospectively for reviews that were  posted prior to May 30th 2015 .




4. Dashboard Page moved

We moved our Dashboard page from the ‘Engage’ Menu to the ‘Analytics’ menu. This is a result from the card view having grown in terms of capability. Based on user choices and behavior, we have noticed that most users use the card view as the default ‘operational’ view where they log in and work through the incoming engagements. More senior users review the Dashboard more periodically than daily. We will be increasing features in the card view and the dashboard going forward but wanted to develop them with a different focus. Hence we decided to ‘split’ them and move the Dashboard thematically to the Analytics section.




5. Merging of New Feedback/New Tag notifications

Whenever an automation rule tagged an engagement record automatically, users may have received 2 notifications: once to alert the user of a new incoming feedback and another time to notify the user about a tag that was set. Now, CXQuest checks if a user would receive 2 messages, and if so, merges these into a single notification. An example of the merged message is shown below:





6. Sending manual feedback invitation to multiple recipients

When sending manual email or SMS invitations, you can now enter multiple recipients by comma separating them.  However, the pre-filled parameters that will spear the recipient from having to identify themselves will then not be supported. Hence, the moment you enter a comma symbol into the Email or SMS field, CXQuest grays out the fields that allow you to pass additional parameters. If you want to send out feedback invitations to many users and wish to pass along variables such as email addresses, or additional identifiers such as customer numbers, then you can always do so by requesting the setup of an interface by going to Settings/Assets/invitation channels and request the setup there.








7. Minor UI Changes

We have implemented a set of minor changes on the UI, most along table & icon designs.


8. Bug Fixes

We fixed a number of bugs in this version, resulting in a more predictable, safer and better system behavior. Should you come across critical issues, please contact support@cxgroup.co



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