CXQuest Update Notes Feb 9th 2015

An upgrade was made on Monday Feb 9th midnight EST, 2015 with the following changes:

1. New Cardview for high performance processing of feedback records
2. Security updates
3. Enhanced Feedback Export
4. Bug Fixes



1. New Cardview for high performance processing of feedback records

Today we are releasing a new view that allows business that collect high volume of feedback to conveniently handle all feedback records without having to navigate away from the main overview page. We call this the ‘Card View’ as every feedback record is summarized with their meta data in ‘cards’. The card view is essentially the same view as the previous dashboard view minus the analytics, but including tag handling. 

To launch the card view, simply click on the card view icon on the current landing page.







You can select the card view as your new default landing page.


2. Security Updates

This release contains a lot of security updates. Users now get immediately alerted for suspicious activities detected on their account and a number security enhancements have been implement to ensure that password safety is increased. If certain security thresholds are passed, users are immediately blocked. Should you encounter any trouble with accessing your system, please contact support@cxgroup.co for support.

3. Enhanced Export Features

You can export fields that were collected using the custom form builder. In previous versions the form fields were export


merged into a single cell in the excel export, whereas all form entries will appear in dedicated columns in the current system. This will you to use the new card view and all the filters in the card view to generate and more focused excel export.





4. Bug Fixes

We fixed a number of bugs in this version, resulting in a more predictable, safer and better system behavior. Should you come across critical issues, please contact support@cxgroup.co


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