CXQuest Update Notes August 20th, 2015

An upgrade was made on August 20th, 2015 with the following changes:

  1. A new list view for faster navigation through engagement records
  2. Email validation to prevent message bounces
  3. Engagement Invitation report to trace invitation messages sent
  4. Templates Enhancements that now link to more sources
  5. Unsubscribe Feature
  6. Manual Tag Enhancements


How do you like this update? Anything you would like to see us implement? Please share it with us.



1. List View

We have released a new view that will allow you to navigate faster through engagement records. This view has been designed based on feedback collected by users who need to move between engagement records frequently as they work on recovering the incidents.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 9.21.24 PM







To launch the List View, simply click on the button with lines indicated in the red circle bellow. You will find this button next to the filter button on the top of the screen:




If you prefer this screen over the card view, you can select the List View as your new default landing page by simply clicking on the (make default) button as indicated below.




Please also note that the Feedback menu has been removed from the menu bar and has been replaced by this list view.

2. Email Validation

There have been a number of incidents where users have uploaded engagement invitation lists that contained a high percentage of invalid email addresses leading to high bounce rates. High bounce rates risk the reputation our server and can lead to delivery issues. To avoid this, we are now checking every email for its validity prior sending out invitations. This does not only apply to engagement invitations that are sent out but also to notifications that are sent to CXQuest users.

When a message bounces the recipient address is added to a suppression list. We will not try to resend messages to that email address. When sending a new message to that recipient, it will not be delivered. If you need us to remove an address from the suppression list, please contact us at support@cxgroup.co


3. Engagement Invitation Report

You now can track statistics relating to engagement invitations. Here is a video that explains how to use this report:


The following statuses are reported on:


  • All invitations (center of the circle)
  • Not Delivered (the message was not delivered for a number of reasons)
  • Replied (customer replied to this invitation)
  • Error (We haven’t received a return code from the ISP and are not certain if it was delivered or not)
  • No valid address (the email address is wrong)
  • Hard Bounce (email couldn’t be delivered for permanent reasons: e.g. fake addresses)
  • Soft Bounce (temporary failure: e.g. mailbox is full)
  • Unsubscribed (Customer unsubscribed)


3. Templates

To see a video about the improvements to the template builder, please see below:

We have improved the flexibility of the message templates. You can now insert a call to action button with a link to specific forms. Previously, when creating a ‘feedback invitation via email’ template you could only insert action buttons that linked to eForms and not to custom eForms (custom eForms are all forms that are customized by CX Group for you that have more than 1 free text and a rating field).

The list of available forms that the template allows you to choose from come from the forms that are available under your ‘Collection Channels’ tab in the asset configuration.

If you are creating a template for more than one asset (e.g. you would like to use same feedback invitation template for a multi-outlet organization, where each outlet is an asset), then only those forms will show that are available in all assets selected in the template.

We will soon increase the call for action options in the template. We are working on an option to insert call for action buttons that triggers a call to the voice numbers or that will trigger an SMS message to load on a mobile app with the SMS number of the asset already pre-populated.

4. Unsubscribe

You can now include unsubscribe links in the template. If a customer follows the link, then they will be added to the suppression list and will no longer receive engagement invitations or notifications any longer.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 10.19.35 PM













 5. Manual tag

Based on user feedback we have implemented a tool tip where you can see who applied a particular tag.










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