August 18th 2015 – 1.30 PM EST – Engagement Invitations on hold

Update: all engagement invitations are sending out as per normal. An additional email validity checker now ensures that the email bounce rates are reduced. Please refer to the latest feature update to read more about the updates. 


Update: the upload patch is delayed by a day and will be uploaded on August 20th. 


We recently received a note by our email provider (Amazon) that the number of bounced messages our server sends exceeds the permissible bounce rate and have therefore been advised to put all outgoing engagement invitation messages on hold and to take measures that ensure that bad email addresses will be blocked by our servers before they can be sent.

Maintaining a low bounced messages rate is important to ensure deliverability of messages and that our servers will not be blacklisted by anyone.

Normal service of automated email engagement invitations will resume on August 19th 2015. When the engagement invitation service resumes, a few new features will be available to ensure that low bounce rates will be maintained:

– Firstly, please make sure that your list contains reliable records with good quality recipient addresses prior to uploading these into CXQuest.
– Once the list is checked and uploaded, our systems will first run a validity check to confirm that the email address is valid.
– All valid email addresses will be processed. Those that are invalid will be listed as bounced contact in an Engagement Invitation Report.
– We will release an additional feature soon where a summary report containing the stats of the automated engagement invitation will be sent to the administrator after each job. In the meantime, please consult the Engagement Invitation Report under Analysis/Reports in the meantime.



Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 1.00.05 AM
– If you wish to send out engagement invitations, please use the manual invitation screen, or please send us a list so that we can process it.

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