Annual Customer Experience Survey & Research Report


With increasing churn by customers across various industries and constant pressure to maintain growth rates, there has been a surge in interest and spending in all matters customer experience in the past few years.

Among companies, even amongst industry peers, there are now nearly as many approaches to tackling CX initiatives as there are vendors and methodologies. Results and ROI also dramatically vary from business to business.

In an effort to help CX professionals better understand success defining criteria and to share the insights gained and visions held by peers, CX Group is embarking on an annual CX industry survey. We engage with approximately 2,000 CX Professionals globally through surveys over a 6 months period and conduct in depth interviews with at least 100 carefully selected CX professionals. Every participant that contributes through the survey will receive a copy of the report free of charge. For those that agree to conduct phone interviews, our team will return the initiative with a complimentary 1 hour personal web-based presentation during which the key findings of the research will be shared.

We are embarking onto this research project with the following 6 topics in mind, however, we are purposefully choosing a markedly empirical approach to the research to ensure that we do not pre-empt outcomes and maintain open to genuinely detect  co-relations, trends or patterns. The survey discusses:

  • ROI of CX Projects
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Customer Intelligence
  • CX Process Management
  • Measurements
  • CX Technology
  • Customer of the Future

If you would like to qualify for participation as a interviewee or survey candidate, please do get in touch with us here. We respond quickly

Thank you for considering to participate in the research and the effort you invest into it. We are certain it will yield dividends not only for your business but also for your customers.

We look forward to working with you and to contribute together to the further development of the CX industry.







Ken Reimer – CEO, CX Group






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