CXQuest Update Notes Dec 6th 2014

An upgrade is being made on Saturday Dec 6th, 2014 with the following changes:

1. New Reporting Panel with 3 new reports
2. Share Feedback via twitter & email
3. Improved Free Text Categorizer


1. New Reporting Panel with 3 new reports

Reporting Panel – We have launched a new reporting panel that shows up under the menu item ‘Analytics/Reports’. We have designed the screen in a way that users down have to select a report and drill down to see what the report does, but instead can get an idea just by hovering over each report.
We have also launched 3 new reports that will be very useful in understanding your Customer Experience key performance indicators.

  • ‘Feedback Scores’ (1st report from the top left) shows you how much feedback you are collecting from which sources and computes the average score across the selected sources. In essence this report tells you ‘Where & When do you collect feedback from and what is the score, and has it changed over time’
    Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 1.26.08 PM


  • ‘Tags’ (2nd report from the top left) shows you how you have been tagging your customer interactions. This essentially allows you to understand how frequent occurrences of specific nature are (tag specified). E.g. say you created a tag thats called ‘discuss with supplier’, then the report will list how often your customer reported incidents to you that were positively or negatively impacted by the the service your supplier provided  you


Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 1.26.12 PM

  • ‘Recovery Report’ (3rd report from the top left) shows how you are recovering for your promoters or detractors and the average time it takes for you to solve an issue. This report is an important indicator to determine whether you are resolving especially the more troubled cases well. Note that you can display the data broken down by NPS categories, by 1-10 scores or even by tags (recovery time by different tags,… in the previous example, this report would show you: ‘show me the average time to recover an incident for all cases that involve 3rd party suppliers’).Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 1.26.15 PM


2. Share Feedback via twitter & email

You can now share incoming feedback via twitter or by sending an email to other parties. That means that you can let others know in your organization about an incident even if they are not CXQuest users. Sharing reviews on Twitter is a great way to spread the reach of positive online reviews and thus leverage the twitter subscribers you have.

To use the post to twitter feature, you first need to have your twitter account maintained in the system. To do so, please navigate to the menu item ‘Settings/Establishment’ (or for non-hotel verticals replace ‘Establishment’ with ‘Outlet’/’Department’/Event, etc). and go to the ‘Online accounts’ tab. Maintain your twitter account there.

To share a review to twitter or email click on the feedback on the feedback stream on the main dashboard. When the details window pops up, select action/Share and choose email or Twitter.

Sharing via Twitter will only work for online (already public reviews). Directly collected feedback can only be shared via email. This limitation is to ensure data protection compliancy.


3. Improved Free Text Categorizer

We have implemented a significant quality improvement on our categorizer. Not only will you have a lot more categories available, but CXQuest uses a lot more logic to detect the subject of the free text feedback.

This improvement requires that we re-crawl all data of re-analyze once again every word. Unfortunately this wasn’t possible to operate on a different server but on a live server. Some users will therefore see over the next few days a symbol indicating the engine is still crawling through your data. Should you need to get access to the categories while the update is running, please contact us here.


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