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  • Customer Intelligence from behavioral tracking

    What do you know about your customers that don’t give feedback? Only the fewest do. CXQuest tracks what customers do to predictively detect churn.

  • Rated ‘Most Innovative’ by DMG Consulting

    CX Group was awarded most innovative solution vendor by DMG Consulting in it’s extensive report on Enterprise Feedback Management solutions 2015-2016 and a leader in many other categories

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  • Big Data Customer Retention

    SaaS platform for a better Customer Experience and Retention Management

Big Data Software for Customer Experience and Retention Management

Retention Management

Get alerted predictively about incidents that are likely to cause churn by analyzing activities in over 250 backend applications.

Multichannel Surveys

Our multi-channel customer experience analytics solutions help you uncover product & service issues through surveys and take action on them.

Service Analysis

Connect to your existing customer facing communication systems (email, service desk, voice, webchat) and analyze what customers rant and rave about.

Behavioral Tracking

Track what customers do by analyzing the digital trail they leave in over 250 different back end systems and react faster to escalating churn signals.

Online Reputation

Track and improve online reputation by connecting to over 30 different review sites and by syndicating more positive reviews online.

Improve Customer Knowledge

Build rich customer profiles to serve them better and more relevantly.